Paola Antonini: 22 Hottest Photos of Instagram Model

Paola Antonini is a hot model who tragically lost her left leg in a drunken driving accident almost two years ago. But as you can tell from her gorgeous smile and 800K+ followers on Instagram, this Brazilian hottie isn’t going to let one tragedy dictate her whole life. Instead, she’s now devoted to acting as a positive role model for other women with prosthesis or handicaps.
Pretty much every single photo is accompanied by hundreds of comments talking about what an inspiration she is (at least, that’s our guess–everything is in Portuguese). We’re not really sure about her workout regimen, but it seems like she’s still rocking two pretty tight buns, despite the fact that she’s missing a leg to do things like squats and leg presses. Which means that we have no excuse for having a Carme7o-sized butt of our own.
Check out Paola’s hottest photos in the gallery below.

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