CU Boulder Student Pens Amazing Defense Of "Sexy" Instagram Photos

Clarity Engle is a 19-year-old University of Boulder-Colorado student. Just like any girl on Planet Earth who drinks water and breathes air, she enjoys having a good time and posting photos on social media to show her friends what she’s up to. But for some reason, a couple of online trolls (sadly, probably a couple of CU-Boulder students) have decided that it’s a good idea to write awful things about her on her Instagram account.
But what sets her apart from most girls is that instead of either ignoring the trolls or shutting down her account, Clarity–who is also an author–decided to write an article on The Tab titled, “My ‘sexy’ photo does not make me unprofessional.”
In her article, she explains how her future as a successful professional shouldn’t depend on whether or not she posts bikini pictures to Instagram.

One photo and all of your academic achievements, humanitarian efforts and hours of hard work are not valid anymore. And I hate to say it, but this situation only applies to women.
For instance, when male doctors in Ireland appeared shirtless in sexy photos for a calendar to raise money for Epilepsy Ireland, that did not detract from their professionalism or expertise. In fact, it actually boosted their credibility.
But, let’s say female doctors were to appear scantily clad for a calendar to raise money for a certain cause. They would immediately be degraded, looked at as “lesser” or “dumb.” If female professionals pose for photos like that, it could even jeopardize their careers.

We’re extremely excited to announce that Clarity has submitted herself to represent CU-Boulder for Miss COED 2017. These smart, active, and social female students are exactly the kind of girls that we’re looking for.

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If you check out Clarity’s photos below, we think you’ll find that she’s absolutely right about the double-standard.

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