WATCH: 'Alpha Class' Trailer — Explosive ASU Frat Documentary [VIDEO]

Arizona State University is a great party school — but some of the partying has given the school’s fraternities a bad reputation. We’ve already seen Tau Kappa Epsilon take a dive there. Now the documentary Alpha Class reveals how crazy things were in 2010 for Phi Sigma Kappa.
You won’t see Phi Sigma Kappa mentioned in this trailer, though. That doesn’t mean Alpha Class was made by outsiders. Danny McManus started shooting the film the year after he was Vice-President of the chapter. His LinkedIn profile still boasts of how he spent his time there “tripling the number of members in tenure.”
But, as Danny explains in his director’s statement, things went wrong when he “set out to make this film in 2010 to tell [his] fraternity’s redemption story.” Instead, he ended up with “a monster of a story.” We wrote earlier this weekend about Nick Jonas’ creepy-looking Goat fraternity drama. Alpha Class, however is the real thing.
We also remember when Danny thought he was developing a television show out of this thing. He was already pushing some fun footage of the Arizona State Undie Run in 2011. It looked like this….
You’ll see a few shots of some fine ASU gals repeated in the trailer below, but Alpha Class is a lot more grim. “After their Fraternity is banned from campus, they set out to build a new, ideal brotherhood,” says the documentary’s synopsis, and things quickly go wrong.
Danny narrates the film, too. Maybe he’s breaking some kind of bro code, but take a look and also marvel at what ASU guys were happy to say on film just a few years ago. The heat’s on for a reason — but we still love ASU, and feel pretty sure that the party school will survive this latest exposé…

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