Officer Patrick Zamarripa: Full Story & Must See-Details

Officer Patrick Zamarripa, a Dallas Police Officer, has been named as the second of five Dallas officers who died in the sniper ambush Thursday night. Patrick’s stepbrother Dylan Martinez, broke the news on Twitter early Friday morning. Our thoughts are with Officer Zamarripa’s family right now.
Patrick’s stepbrother, Dylan, wrote that Patrick had been taken to Parkland Hospital.
Patrick’s father, Rick Zamarripa, confirmed his son’s death.

“Most of you already know this by now today in Dallas, my son is a police officer in Dallas he was working there the rally in downtown where my son was shot and killed by a sniper along with four other police officers maybe more at this moment. I’m still at the hospital here in Parkland Hospital to see him be moved to the medical examiner’s office – need prayers to get through this.”

Who Was Patrick Zamarripa?

From all accounts, Patrick was a loving family man and excellent police officer. He was a father, a brother, and a son. He was also a police officer who loved his job and his country. He would often post on Twitter about how much he enjoyed his work and protecting the people.

What Happened?

The details haven’t been made public, but Patrick was one of five officers killed in the Dallas sniper ambush.
People were marching peacefully in downtown Dallas when reportedly four people began firing at Dallas police officers. The names of the suspects haven’t been released yet, but three are in custody and one is dead.

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