Girls of Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant 2016: Hottest Photos

Hooters Girls 2016

Miss Hooters International is probably our favorite pageant of the year. Unlike Miss America, Miss USA, or Miss Universe, Miss Hooters International pulls no punches in regards to what they’re about. Not only is it a refreshing breath of fresh air in today’s world, you can rest assured that they’ll never get rid of the swimwear portion.

Update 7.14.16: Sable Jade Robbert is the winner of the Miss Hooters International 2016 Swimsuit Pageant. Check out her photos here.

Now obviously Miss Hooters International isn’t all about the looks of the Hooters waitresses/models, but they certainly play an important part in the equation. Take a look at the competitors in the gallery below and tell me that you disagree.


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