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How To Download Pokemon Go: Unavailable In Country?


How To Download Pokemon Go

All your friends are talking about Pokemon Go, the newest mobile game now available on Android and iPhones. So if you’ve got an Android phone, why is it still showing up on the Google Play store as “not available in your country” or “unavailable in your country.” It’s a mistake, one I don’t really understand but don’t worry because you can download it right now. The game is available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

I know because I was having the exact same problem until I figured out how to download Pokemon Go.

Here’s the simple way how to download the hottest game on the streets (literally) right now.

How To Download Pokemon Go

The only problem is that you’re trying to download Pokemon Go through the Google Play Store.

Instead of doing that, head to Google Chrome and search “Pokemon Go Android.” That should give you a search result which allows you to install the game directly from your browser.

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