These #QuestionableLifeHacks Will Make You Untrustworthy Of The Internet

Questionable Life Hacks

People love to learn and share new life hacks, but the truth is that not every single piece of advice you read online is going to be actually helpful, or even safe. That’s why we really enjoyed running through #QuestionableLifeHacks, one of today’s Twitter trends. It goes to show you that sometimes trying to avoid work or life’s simple problems actually ends up creating more work.

Free therapy by talking things out with family members. #QuestionableLifeHacks

— Portmanteau Jones (@SadlyCatless) July 5, 2016

Eat breakfast at night and sleep in #QuestionableLifeHacks

— Jeff Dwoskin – Hashtag Roundup (@bigmacher) July 5, 2016

#QuestionableLifeHacks Having a baby just for the tax deduction.

— Regina Spacola (@gigirules7) July 5, 2016

Opening beer bottles with your teeth to sharpen them #QuestionableLifeHacks

— Oh Christmas T (@tlcprincess) July 5, 2016

Swallow a few batteries for a quick power boost #QuestionableLifeHacks

— Dumb December Name 🎄🕎🎅 (@Johnsense38) July 5, 2016

Need to heat up silverware? Microwave it for half a minute.

— Skip Baeless (@AlwysOverlooked) July 5, 2016

#QuestionableLifeHacks Can't find a girl? Scour Twitter for hot babes and simply DM a #dickpic or two. #simples #guaranteed #results

— Rupe 🇬🇧 (@BlueHand_Rupe) July 5, 2016

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