Ariel Winter: 22 Hottest Photos Modern Family Star


Ariel Winter Hottest Photos

Ariel Winter, once the young, nerdy, and intelligent Alex Dunphy of the popular sitcom Modern Family, has definitely grown up. Ever since she turned 18 in January, Ariel’s Instagram has been stocked with photos of tight outfits, bikinis, and pretty much everything else that would draw your attention.

It wasn’t so long ago when we first got wind that Ariel had actually opted for breast reduction surgery. The actress claimed that her short height and large chest actually made her feel ostracized from her friends, so she chose to go a couple sizes smaller. Months later, we can’t really understand how she’s any smaller because her chest is still rather large.

Somehow, Sophia Vergara is no longer the most voluptuous woman on the show. Check out Ariel’s hottest photos in the gallery below.

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