Tara Babcock Is A YouTube Streamer You Should Definitely Subscribe To

Tara Babcock is a professional model who’s recently pivoted from glamour modeling to gamer girl. Tara’s now one of the most popular game streamers on the web–probably because of the fact she makes no attempt to hide the fact that she’s hot. In fact, two years ago in a video titled “Feel Free to Fap,” she addressed the fact that she had no problem with people watching her videos for… alternative reasons.

Incredibly, Tara was a Miss COED from wayyy back in the day 2009. Truthfully we lost track of this buxom blonde a couple of years ago but she started popping up on popular YouTube videos so we decided to revisit her photos. One of the things we like about her is that she doesn’t pull any punches. Some of the more attractive streamers choose to play all innocent, but not Tara. She’s pretty honest about things–not just games.

Check out Tara’s hottest photos in the gallery below.

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