Krit McClean Photos: Must-See Pictures of Times Square Lunatic

Krit McClean is the insane lunatic who was seen this morning in New York City dancing naked in Times Square, calling out Donald Trump, and telling people that he loved his mother. His free show that took place on the top of the TKTS booth was captured and watched by thousands of people via Periscope and Facebook Live. In fact, the term TKTS was trending on Twitter just because of this nutjob.
So who is he? He’s a male model for Ford Models who was born in Bangkok but grew up here in New York City. In fact, he went to Stuyvesant High School–NYC’s premier public school. It’s not really known exactly what made Krit snap, but my guess is drugs. At least, we hope it’s drugs and not something else which would be more lasting.
Anyways, we’ve probably (and hopefully) seen the last of Krit for a little while. So check out his photos below.

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