WATCH: Kit Harrington Explains Why He Showed Up To His Game Of Thrones Audition With A Black Eye

True story: my first day of full-time work at COED (literally a couple of weeks ago), I came in with a healthy black eye. I was at the Jersey Shore that weekend with a bunch of buddies. We were at this awesome spot in Belmar called Bar A, and I, like Kit Harrington, was with a chick when some doucher said something real rude to her. Me and this chick were kind of together at the time, so she hit me with the whole “Are you gonna do anything about that?” look. Not that she had to, because I wanted to hit this guy anyway. He deserved it.
So I talk back to him, get him riled up enough to take a swing at me. He does, but I’m able to duck it and counter. All was well, until his buddy blindsided me with a left hook. I was alright, but he made some solid contact, so it definitely hurt.
The thing swelled up pretty damn quick. Literally, within minutes I had a welt. If you ever get punched in the face, and a welt starts forming, squeeze that sh*t as hard as you can, make the blood disperse, and you have a chance of controlling the swelling. While I was able to do that, the damage was already done: the blood was in my face, and would turn into a bruise a couple of days later. This was on a Saturday night, and I conveniently had my first day of work that Monday.
Anyway, so work starts, and I was able to get through my first day without anyone noticing. However, as the week progressed, the bruise got darker, and by Wednesday there was no hiding it. My buddy who sits next to me turns my way and asks, “Yo, you get in a fight?”
“Ohhhh, nah,” I said. “Me and my buddies were f*ckin’ around and I caught an elbow. No big deal.”
Not as cool as Kit Harrington’s story, though.

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