Tower City Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details



A woman was shot twice in the leg at a shooting at Tower City in Cleveland, Ohio, just hours after the Cleveland Cavaliers championship parade concluded.
According to, a woman was shot outside Tower City shortly after the end of the Cavaliers Championship victory parade in downtown Cleveland. The shooting happened shortly after 5 p.m. near Euclid Avenue and Ontario Street.  Cleveland police said that two women were shot and that a man was taken into custody shortly after the shooting.
It was originally reported that two women were shot, however it was only one woman who shot twice. The girl is only 13 years old. She was taken to the nearby MetroHealth Hospital.
Tensions rose around Tower City as people leaving the parade were met with hours-long delays on RTA trains. The shooting brought transit out of Tower City to a standstill. A reporter at the federal courthouse said that several traumatized witnesses walked into the courthouse after the shooting. The shooter has been arrested and taken into custody.
This shooting comes during an intense time in this nation, as the Orlando shooting from last week has prompted Senators to stage a sit in, in order to get new gun laws passed.

Update- 5:49 PM: There is reportedly a second active shooter.


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