WATCH: Ben Affleck Talks Deflategate With Bill Simmons Video

Ben Affleck is from Boston, dontchyaknow, which means that he feels some kind of way about the whole Deflategate conspiracy and the way that Tom Brady has been “unfairly” treated. So it makes perfect sense that Bill Simmons would bring Ben onto his new show Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons to talk Brady and the Pats. What you probably weren’t expecting was that Ben Affleck would curse every 12 seconds in the speech.
He makes some solid points, but I just can’t ignore the fact that he seems pretty loose and little slurred. Not that I’m really concerned or anything, Ben Affleck is millionaire actor who’s earned the right to pop a few pills or drink some vodka orange juices before he gets on TV with his sports guy friend. I’m just merely pointing out that when you notice the funny way he acts, you’re not crazy.

But wait! You are crazy, because there was so much discussion about Ben’s demeanor on the show that Bill was forced to tweet this.

Update 6/23/2016: OK now I’m about to have to take down a few cocktails at 9:45 AM because I just learned that Ben Affleck had been offered the gig to direct Star Wars The Force Awakens. Thank god he turned it down.

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