Swedish Soccer Player Red Carded For Cutting The Cheese



I know that headline sounds like it’s from some offbeat Onion article but this actually happened. Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, a Swedish defender playing in a match between Järna SK’s reserve team and Pershagen SK, sent off after ripping an epic fart that the referee deemed “deliberate provocation” and “unsportsmanlike behavior”.

“I had a bad stomach, so I simply let go,” Ljungkvist told the Swedish press. “Then I received two yellow cards and then red. Yes, I was shocked, it’s the strangest thing I have ever experienced in football.” Getting kicked out of any game is dejecting, but Ljungkvist accomplished something that had never happened on a pitch before and probably will never again.

“I asked the referee, ‘What, am I not allowed to break wind a little?’” the 25-year-old said. “‘No,’ he replied … I don’t get it but maybe he thought I farted in my hand and threw the fart at him. But I did not.”

Danny Kako, the referee who issued the second yellow card, confirmed that it was indeed for farting.  I never thought I’d be writing a story about something that happened in a soccer match between two obscure Swedish teams so take a bow gentlemen.

If only Leo Messi could have ripped one in front of the ref last night then maybe the United States might have had a chance.

(h/t The Guardian)

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