This Video Of A Trump Supporter Arguing With A Black Lives Matter Activist Is Peak Idiocracy

Eeeeeeessshhh. This is painful to watch. It’s one thing to maintain and discuss differing opinions, but it’s another thing entirely when people are standing in the middle of the street screaming at each other. But such is the nature of American politics this day, ain’t it? The stupidity is only amplified when you have a bunch of snobby millennials arguing with a bunch of over-worked, jaded adults.
So what’s the situation? Well, there appears to be some kind of rally going on somewhere in Georgia, where an adult wearing a black lives matter t-shirt takes offense with a young-black teenager supporting Donald Trump. The following is an accurate depiction of how embarrassing the current state of America politics is.
I give these teenagers credit for being somewhat intelligent and educated, but as teens do, they ruin it with their snarky, smart-ass attitude. And this dude with the lisp is getting way to worked up to be taken seriously. An adult of that age should know that screaming never gets your point across.
Then, out of no where, a bald white-dude wearing a f*cking Confederate Flag t-shirt (of course) strolls in to interject because, well, just cause.
America: what is happening to us?
[h/t TFM]

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