These Two Hot Chicks Will Come Clean Your House After You Throw A Party

A New Zealand based cleaning service is doing God’s work: they have begun specifically cleaning up homes the morning after a party. Why didn’t they have this when I was in college.
Roommates Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst launched their cleaning service, Morning-After Maids, in Auckland, New Zealand, a month ago.
The service does exactly what they say they do: the clean up the remnants from parties “the morning after” But it doesn’t stop there. Not only will they clean up the mess, but they will cook or buy breakfast for hungover hosts, and even pick up some coffee and Advil.
Since Foley and Ashurst launched Morning-After Maids on Facebook in early May, they have gotten inquiries from all over the nation, including over-seas, as they have received requests from both the USA and Canada.
Oh, and did I mention they’re both absolute smoke-shows? That’s definitely a perk.
And, unsurprisingly, they do a great job. Check out these before & afters photos:
Yeah, Im on board. How do I invest, ladies?
[h/t The Guardian]

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