Harpoon Brewery's Camp Wannamango Is What's on Tap

Welcome to summer! Easily the best craft beer drinking time of year. Actually, any time of year is great drinking weather but warm nights, day drinking, and having something on a grill kinda makes everything better. This weekend I am drinking a beer from summertime staple brewery; this weekend Harpoon Brewery’s Camp Wannamango is What’s on Tap!
Debuting in March as Harpoon’s new summer beer, the last kind was a Kolsch-style ale, Camp has some of the same characteristics but leans more on the Pale Ale side. Brewed with mangos, even Harpoon is jumping on the fruit beer train, Camp maintains its Pale Ale core with a nice subtle hoppiness to it throughout the sip. There is not a whole lot of bitterness due to the malts used in the brewing process and what I like best is that the mango is on the beer’s finish. Typically beers brewed with fruit are frontend heavy with the citrus and hops / malt on the backend but, for me the mango is the finishing characteristic; very nice.
If you are looking for a new summer beer that has a little citrus and some hops to it, look no further, Harpoon has a winner with this new release. This is a perfect hot summer beer and is perfect when grilling fish, my suggestion would be blackened Mahi. But, regardless of what you are eating, or drinking, summer is here and the time is right!
Beer Stats
Style: Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5%
Bitterness (IBUs): 22
Color: Light Copper / Goldish

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 84 and —
Rate Beer: 28

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