UCLA QB Josh Rosen Responds To Historic Under Armour Deal With School

In all likelihood, UCLA QB Josh Rosen had already felt some kind of way about ideas like “pay for play” versus the fact that the NCAA is making billions of dollars off student-athletes’ backs. So when Josh learned today that his school signed a shoe and apparel deal with Under Armor worth $280 million dollars–the largest apparel deal in college sports–he couldn’t help himself from chiming in on Instagram.

Josh quickly posted the Los Angeles Times headline, plus the caption “We’re still amateurs though … Gotta love non-profits #NCAA.”

Of course, the administration being a bunch of fun police, made him delete the post immediately. But those of us who knew what was going to happen were able to save the photo and caption.

Josh Rosen UCLA Under Armour

We’re still amateurs though … Gotta love non-profits #NCAA

Whether the pressure came from Under Armour or UCLA (or both) is unknown, but when you have people questioning the legitimacy of $280 million deals, responses tend to happen quickly.

Josh is no rookie when it comes to posting things on Instagram. Earlier this year, we learned that Josh had installed an amazing hot tub in his freshman room.

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