WATCH: Portland State University Students Support Hamas

Portland State University Hamas

Fox News got wind of the fact that there’s a movement within Portland State University to remove themselves from investing in Israeli companies. The purpose of which is to act as a campaign against the Israeli occupation and treatment of the Palestinian territories. The idea of divestment is not an idea that’s isolated to Portland, there are plenty of students at NYU, Harvard, MIT, and other schools who feel the same. It’s not even something that was specific to Israel–divestment was one of the major reasons that apartheid in South Africa came to an end.

But don’t tell Fox News, always looking to put liberal students on blast, any of that. They sent correspondent Ami Horowitz to Portland State to not only gather support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, but to gather support of Hamas–a known terrorist organization. So how’d he do?

Actually, surprisingly well. He raised a solid amount of money. Read what Ami had to say:

In about one hour I raised hundreds of dollars for Hamas.  No, not the tasty chickpea spread, but rather the terrorist organization responsible for the death of thousands of Israeli civilians. When explained that donations would help fund targeted attacks on Israeli schools, hospitals and cafes, some of Portland State University’s students were ‘feelin’ the burn’ drop some coin.

Credit where credit’s due, Ami doesn’t shirk from what he wants the money to go. “Hitting soft targets, cafes, hospitals, make them feel you.” “Suicide bombers really all we got, a poor man’s F-15.”

We reached out to Portland State University for comment. Here’s what they wrote back:

Ami Horowitz is a filmmaker who goes to college campuses pretending to raise money for Hamas and videotapes the encounters with students and then posts it on social media with a commentary. He is not actually raising money for Hamas and instead promotes these videos on his website. He has done several “person on the street” satirical videos like this for Fox News and other media.
Portland State fosters a multicultural campus environment that respects all religions and cultures, including our 2,000 international students. PSU also is home to the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies, which offers a bachelor’s degree, a minor and a wide range of courses in literature, arts, culture, history and theology.
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