Man “Pranks” Girlfriend In Most F’d Up Way, Using Only A Chili Pepper

Brad Holmes Chili Prank

Brad Holmes and his girlfriend Jenny Davies have engaged in a prank war for a couple of years now, but judging from the escalating severity of the pranks they pull on each other, I’m not so sure their relationship is all that amazing. The amount of revenge and paranoia that must exist between a couple like this is probably much lower than the amount of times they’ve had sex.

And it’s not like these pranks are all that innocent, either. Take, for example, Brad’s most recent prank where he rubbed chili peppers all over Jenny’s tampon before she used it.

Needless to say, Jenny was both confused and in pain soon after the prank started. Brad filmed her asking her grandmother for assistance and help, which was declined.

Cut to Jenny posted up next to the bathroom sink, trying to relieve herself of the pain. Once Brad told her what the cause of her problem was, Jenny got pissed off immediately.

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