Bridget Malcolm is One of Australia's Hottest Up-And-Coming Models

Bridget Malcolm may be known as one of Australia’s most notable (and hottest) up-and-coming models, but considering her past work, we think she’s already exceeded that modest title.
You may remember Malcolm from her time on the pages of Victoria’s Secret catalogues (don’t pretend you haven’t been keeping them under your mattress for the past several years) or when she walked down the prominent Victoria’s Secret runway in 2015 alongside Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Or the time she modeled for Oscar de la Renta and other high-profile designers during Fashion Week. Or from the time you stumbled upon her Instagram and immediately fell in love with her girl-next-door looks.
We could go on, but wouldn’t you rather get to the photos instead? However you were introduced, one thing is for certain: Bridget Malcolm is drop dead gorgeous and the rest of the world needs to know about her.
Sadly Malcolm is on her way to being taken off the market. Her wedding to musician Nathaniel Hoho is set for this summer. On the bright side, her Instagram account will never be taken off the market.
Check out her hottest photos below.
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