WATCH: All The UC Schools Traveled To Crested Butte And Shredded Everything

Every single day, we learn more and more reasons why we should have gone to college in California. Today’s reason is the ALL CAL Cup, aka the annual road trip that every single University of Calfornia (UC-Davis, UC-Santa Barbara, etc.) ski and snowboard club take during Winter Break. This past December, they all drove to Crested Butte, CO–one of the meccas of skiing–and balled the f*ck out. Even the bus trip (a full 16 hours+) looked like a great time.
The tradition has been going on since 1954, so we have to respect the fact that these kids have continued the journey without fail. And people say millennials don’t care…
**That being said, the video was just uploaded two days ago. And this is a trip that happened in December.**

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