Rio 2016 Track & Field Schedule: Full Olympic Athletics Calendar

Athletics, more commonly known as “Track and Field” here in the United States of America, will be one of the most popular sports in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The sports’ popularity isn’t just in thanks to Usain Bolt, easily the most popular Olympian of the 2012 Summer Olympics, but also because their inclusion in the Olympic Games date all the way back to the Games’ inception… and because we like seeing people run really fast and throw things far.
Because of the large variety of different events and the fact that athletes often compete in numerous events (even in the same day), figuring out the schedule for Athletics had to be done a long time ago. In fact, the scheduling for Athletics was decided back in December of 2014.

Friday, August 12th

9:30 AM–Men’s Discus [Qualifying A]
9:35 AM–Women’s 100 Hurdles hep
10:05 AM–Women’s Shot put [Qualifying A+B]
10:10 AM–Men’s 800 M [Round 1]
10:50 AM–Women’s High jump hep [Qualifying A+B]
10:55 AM–Men’s Discus [Qualifying B]
11:10 AM–Women’s 10K Final
11:55 AM–Women’s 100M [Prelims]
12:20 AM–Women’s 10K [Medal Ceremony]
14:30 PM–Men’s Race Walk [Final]
8:20 PM–Men’s Race Walk [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Women’s 1500M [Round 1]
8:35 PM–Women’s Shot put hep [A+B]
8:40 PM–Women’s Hammer [Qualifying A]
9:05 PM–Men’s 400M [Round 1]
9:20 PM–Men’s Long Jump [Qualifying A+B]
10:00 PM–Women’s Shot Put [Final]
10:05 PM–Women’s 200m hep
10:10 PM–Women’s Hammer [Qualifying B]
10:40 PM–Women’s 11M [Round 1]

Saturday, August 13th

9:30 AM–Men’s 100M [Prelims]
9:40 AM–Women’s Triple Jump [Qualifying A+B]
10:05 AM–Women’s 3000M Steeple Chase [Round 1]
10:50 AM–Men’s Discus [Final]
11:00 AM–Women’s 400M [Round 1]
11:45 AM–Women’s Long jump hep [Qualifying A+B]
12:00 PM–Men’s 100M [Round 1]
12:41 PM–Men’s Discus Medal Ceremony
8:00 PM–Women’s Javeline hep [Qualifying A]
8:10 PM–Women’s Shot Put [Medal Ceremony]
8:20 PM–Men’s Pole Vault [Qualifying A+B]
8:30 PM–Men’s 400M [Semi-Final]
8:50 PM–Men’s Long Jump [Final]
9:00 PM–Women’s 100M [Semi-Final]
9:15 PM–Women’s Javeline Hep [Qualifying B]
9:25 PM–Men’s 800M [Semi-Final]
9:55PM–Men’s 10K [Final]
10:35 PM–Women’s 100M [Final]
10:45 PM–Women’s 800M hep [Final]

11:07 PM–Men’s Long jump [Medal Ceremony]

Sunday, August 14th

9:30 AM–Women’s Marathon [Final]
8:15 PM–Women’s Marathon [Medal Ceremony]
8:20 PM–Women’s 10K [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Men’s High Jump [Qualifiers A+B]
8:35 PM–Women’s 400M [Semifinal]
8:55 PM–Women’s Triple jump [Final]
9:00 PM–Men’s 100M [Semifinal]
9:17 PM–Women’s 100M [Medal Ceremony]
9:30 PM–Women’s 1500M [Semifinal]
10:00 PM–Men’s 400M [Final]
10:15 PM–Women’s Heptathalon [Medal Ceremony]
10:25 PM–Men’s 100M [Final]

Monday, August 15th

9:30 AM–Men’s Triple Jump [Qualifiers A+B]
9:35 AM–Men’s 3000M Steeple Chase [Round 1]
10:25 AM–Women’s 3000 M Steeple Chase [Final]
10:40 AM–Women’s Hammer [Final]
10:45 AM–Men’s 400M Hurdles [Round 1]
11:30 AM–Women’s 400M Hurdles [Round 1]
12:05 PM–Women’s 3000M Steeple Chase [Medal Ceremony]
8:15 PM–Men’s 400M [Medal Ceremony]
8:20 PM–Women’s Triple Jump [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Women’s Discus [Qualifier A]
8:35 PM–Men’s Pole Vault [Final]
8:40 PM–Men’s 110m Hurdle [Round 1]
9:15 PM–Men’s 100M [Medal Ceremony]
9:30 PM–Women’s 200M [Round 1]
9:50 PM–Women’s Discus [Qualifier B]
10:25 PM–Men’s 800M [Final]
10:35 PM–Women’s Hammer [Medal Ceremony]
10:45 PM–Women’s 400M [Final]

Tuesday, August 16th

9:30 AM–Women’s 5000M [Round 1]
9:45 AM–Women’s Pole Vault [Qualifier A+B]
9:50 AM–Men’s Triple Jump [Final]
10:30 AM–Men’s 1500M [Round 1]
11:05 AM–Women’s 100m Hurdle [Round 1]
11:20 AM–Women’s Discus [Final]
11:50 AM–Men’s 200M [Round 1]
12:32 PM–Men’s Triple Jump [Medal Ceremony]
8:15 PM–Men’s 800M [Medal Ceremony]
8:20 PM–Women’s 400M [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Men’s High Jump [Final]
8:35 PM–Women’s Javelin [Qualifier A]
8:40 PM–Men’s 110M Hurdles [Semi-Final]
9:00 PM–Men’s Pole Vault [Medal Ceremony]
9:05 PM–Women’s Long Jump [Qualifier A+B]
9:10 PM–Women’s 400M Hurdles [Semi-Final]
9:35 PM–Men’s  400M Hurdles [Semi-Final]
9:50 PM–Women’s Javelin [Qualifier B]
10:00 PM–Women’s 200M [Semi-Final]
10:30 PM–Women’s 1500M [Final]
10:35 PM–Women’s Discus [Medal Ceremony]
10:45 PM–Men’s 110M Hurdle [Final]

Wednesday, August 17th

9:30 AM–Men’s 100M Decathalon
9:40 AM–Men’s Hammer Throw [Qualifier A]
10:05 AM–Men’s 5000M [Round 1]
10:35 AM–Men’s Long Jump Decathalon [A+B]
10:55 AM–Women’s 800M [Round 1]
11:05 AM–Men’s Hammer Throw [Qualifier B]
11:50 AM–Men’s 3000M Steeple Chase [Final]
12:15 PM–Men’s Shot Put Decathalon [A+B]
5:45 PM–High Jump Decathalon [A+B]
8:20 PM–Men’s High Jump [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Men’s Javelin Throw [Qualifier A]
8:45 PM–Women’s 100M Hurdle [Semi-Final]
9:05 PM–Women’s 1500 [Medal Ceremony]
9:15 PM–Women’s Long Jump [Final]
9:20 PM–Men’s 400M Decathalon
9:55 PM–Men’s Javelin Throw [Qualifier B]
10:00 PM–Men’s 200M [Semi-Final]
10:30 PM–Women’s 200M [Final]
10:45 PM–Men’s 110M Hurdle [Medal Ceremony]
10:55 PM–Women’s 100M Hurdle [Final]
11:00 PM–Men’s 3000M Steeple Chase [Medal Ceremony]

Thursday, August 18th

9:30 AM–Men’s 110M Hurdle Decathalon
9:55 AM–Men’s Shot Put [Qualifier A+B]
10:00 AM–Women’s High Jump [Qualifier A+B]
10:25 AM–Men’s Discus Throw Decathalon [A]
11:20 AM–Women’s 4×100 Meter Relay [Round 1]
11:40 AM–Men’s 4×100 Meter Relay [Round 1]
11:40 AM–Men’s Discus Throw Decathalon [B]
12:00 PM–Men’s 400M Hurdle [Final]
1:25 PM–Men’s Pole Vaul Decathalon [A+B]
6:35 PM–Men’s Javelin Throw Decathalon [A]
7:20 PM–Women’s Long Jump [Medal Ceremony]
7:25 PM–Women’s 100M Hurdle [Medal Ceremony]
7:45 PM–Men’s Javelin Throw Decathalon [B]
8:20 PM–Women’s 200M [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Men’s Shot Put [Final]
8:45 PM–Men’s 1500M [Semi-Final]
9:01 PM–Men’s 400M Hurdle [Medal Ceremony]
9:10 PM–Women’s Javelin Throw [Final]
9:15 PM–Women’s 800M [Semi-Final]
9:45 PM–Men’s 1500M Decathalon [Final]
10:15 PM–Women’s 400M Hurdles [Final]
10:20 PM–Men’s Shot Put [Medal Ceremony]
10:30 PM–Men’s 200M [Final]

Friday, August 19th

8:00 AM–Men’s 50KM Race Walk [Final]
2:30 PM–Women’s 20KM Race Walk [Final]
8:10 PM–Men’s 50km Race Walk [Medal Ceremony]
8:15 PM–Women’s 20km Race Walk [Medal Ceremony]
8:20 PM–Men’s 200M [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Women’s Pole Vault [Final]
8:40 PM–Women’s 4x400M Relay [Round 1]
8:56 PM–Men’s Decathalon [Medal Ceremony]
9:05 PM–Men’s Hammer Throw [Final]
9:10PM–Men’s 4x400M Relay [Round 1]
9:25 PM–Women’s Javelin Throw [Medal Ceremony]
9:40 PM–Women’s 5000M [Final]
10:15 PM–Women’s 4x100M Relay [Final]
10:25 PM–Women’s 400M Hurdle [Medal Ceremony]
10:35 PM–Men’s 4x100M Relay [Final]
10:40 PM–Women’s 5000M [Medal Ceremony]

Saturday, August 20th

No Events
8:10 PM–Men’s Hammer Throw [Medal Ceremony]
8:15 PM–Women’s Pole Vault [Medal Ceremony]
8:20 PM–Women’s 4×100 M Relay [Medal Ceremony]
8:30 PM–Women’s High Jump [Final]
8:45 PM–Men’s 4×100 M Relay [Medal Ceremony]
8:55 PM–Men’s Javeline Throw [Final]
9:00 PM–Men’s 1500M [Final]
9:15 PM–Women’s 8M [Final]
9:30 PM–Men’s 5000M [Final]
9:50 PM–Women’s 800M [Medal Ceremony]
10:00 PM–Women’s 4x400M Relay [Final]
10:15 PM–Men’s 1500M [Medal Ceremony]
10:25 PM–Men’s 5000M [Medal Ceremony]
10:35 PM–Men’s 4x400M Relay [Final]
10:40 PM–Men’s Javelin Throw [Medal Ceremony]
10:40 PM-Women’s High Jump [Medal Ceremony]
10:50 PM–Women’s 4x400M Relay [Medal Ceremony]
10:55 PM–Men’s 4x400M Realy [Medal Ceremony]

Sunday, August 21st

9:30 AM–Men’s Marathon [Final]
Closing Ceremony [with Men’s Marathon Medal Ceremony]

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