Hottest Track and Field Female Athlete GIFs

There are few female athletes who are in the kind of shape like track and field athletes. These are women who put #TeamSquat to shame each and every day. And with the fast-approaching Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, the truth is that you’re going to be seeing a ton of the world’s most fit women running, racing, and jumping in “wind-friendly” clothing.

The number one stunner in the track and field game is Allison Stokke, an American pole-vaulter. In our opinion, she’s not just the hottest track and field athlete–she’s the hottest athlete in the world. So you’ll forgive us if we want her to qualify for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, even if she doesn’t top the competition.

Next up, you’ve got the fan favorite Michelle Jenneke. Like Allison, Michelle isn’t at the top of her class as far as race times go, but no one can forget the cute Australian jumping up and down while warming up for her race.

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