Jennifer Hollis: Full Story of Missing University of Houston Student

Jennifer Hollis, a 22-year-old University of Houston student, has been missing since 5 P.M. this past Thursday. Accord to a Texas Equusearch missing persons report, she was last seen leaving work in the Houston area.
Jennifer’s family has started a Facebook page to keep volunteers updated and request help.
They believe that she could be in San Antonio, Austin, or San Marcos. From the Facebook page:

Jennifer has been missing since May 12th – we do not suspect foul play. She was last seen on the 12th leaving work around 5pm from the Healing Space where she works as a medical assistant. Best estimate is that her phone has been off since about 7:20 pm Thursday evening so we have no phone records at all since then (data, texts, voice). Since her phone is offline the Find Phone app will not work and we are unable to find her last ping since this is not considered a criminal case yet. We have been monitoring her credit cards, bank account, and phone usage.

If anyone has seen Jennifer Hollis since her disappearance or knows of her current whereabouts, contact the Houston Police department at (713) 731-5223 or call Texas Equusearch at (281) 309-9500.

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