The Scientific Reason Why Chicks Dig Frat Boys and Stud Athletes

If someone asked you to guess which gender has “a tendency to act on purely animal instinct,” you’d guess we were talking about men, right? Well in the case of relationships and choosing a mate, therapist Michael Dunaway believes that women are the ones who think with their pants.
This is especially good news for you if you’re in a fraternity or thinking about joining one in the Fall semester, because Mike believes frat bros are the ones benefitting from this kind of wiring.
Here’s the full quote from Mike:

Women have a tendency to act on purely animal instinct, and in many cases are going to be drawn to an alpha male. Due to many years of genetics it is not uncommon to hear that women are most attracted to the stronger, more confident, and athletic guy Ultimately the males who exhibit these characteristics are more likely to produce stronger sperm, therefore they are able to provide stronger offspring.

And as if that wasn’t enough to make you feel like you’ve got great chances, here’s the icing on the cake: the more f*cked up you are, the more chances you have that one of these women will try and save you.

College age women frequently exhibit nurturing behaviors but are often attracted to the idea of a challenge. Women tend to view these particular males as ‘broken’, but find them extremely attractive because these young girls believe that they can then take on this challenge and ‘fix them.”

I’m not going to sit here and say that I didn’t meet any women because of my fraternity, but I was also dating throughout all of college–which was a mistake. So go, be single, and find one of these women who will try and fix you.

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