WATCH: Tom Brokaw Drags Alabama In Ole Miss Commencement Speech [VIDEO]

tom brokaw commencement mississippi video

Tom Brokaw gave the commencement speech at Ole Miss today, and he wanted everyone to know that “no other nation on Earth has the magnitude of these kinds of ceremonies going on simultaneously across America.” Furthermore, Tom says that America is a country where “we’re all trying to improve our place.”

Also, the former NBC news anchor has a message for candidates of all political parties: “Come to Oxford, come to Iowa City, go to a junior college in South Dakota…and you will see the greatness of America reaffirmed.”

But — there’s an exception. Tom also wanted the Ole Miss crowd to know this, too: “If I were speaking at Alabama, I would have to use smaller words and shorter sentences.”

Dang. That’s kind of a conflicting message there, Tom. But it really happened, as seen below. The video starts at the diss against Alabama — although Ole Miss’ commencement was very interesting even before Tom hit the podium. We’re just getting to the quick easy applause for the speaker…

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