WATCH: Bouncer Knocks Out Man Kicked Out of Bar On Video

Philadelphia Knockout

If you ever get kicked out of a bar, chances are that you’ll try and do whatever you can to get back inside. We’re not saying you shouldn’t give it the old college try, but don’t offer to take a punch in the head from a bouncer in exchange for re-entry. Because you’ll wind up lying on the ground dead, just like the¬†guy in this video.

Couple of observations here. First of all, this man obviously he wasn’t in a good state of mind (because no one would ever ask a 300-pound bouncer to punch them in the face), but what kind of person asks to be punched in the head and then doesn’t immediately go into a defensive stance?

Second, what kind of a**hole bouncer gets a FREE SHOT at someone’s head and then still sucker punches them?


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