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Marquette University Student Arrested In Library For Creepiest Thing Ever


Marquette Raynor Library Arrest

A student at Marquette University was arrested in Raynor Memorial Library after it was learned he had been spying on female students while engaging in “self-help” activities.

Normally when you read about people doing nasty stuff in the library, it’s townies and old folks who don’t have computers at home. At Gettysburg College where I went, one of the guys who worked at Pizza House would allegedly look at some non-academic websites. There are plenty of other examples of this on the web.

But a student? That’s the white buffalo of arrest stories.

What’s crazy is that this guy was beating it between the stacks while looking staring at people no more than ten feet away from him. Yes, that’s crazy. But it’s also to me that this guy made it through the whole school year of doing weird sh*t and then he goes and gets busted a couple of days before the year ends.

We have no idea if these are the girls that he was staring at, but you can’t knock the confidence these women have if they’re posting the fact that they were.

Marquette Library Arrest
Raynor Library Arrest
Marquette Raynor Library Arrest

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