Graduation Gifts 2016: Best Gift Guide Ideas For Recent Grads

You did it! You just graduated from college and want something besides tens of thousands of dollars of debt and a piece of paper to show for it. Well why not take a look at our amazing Graduation Gift Guide designed for those bright-eyed and busy-tailed millennials off to change the world.
The best part about all these gadgets is that every single one of them will serve a purpose in getting you ready to dominate the next step. Whether it’s making sure you look like a professional, to helping you save money in the long run, to helping you with your chores–all of these are part-helpful, part-awesome.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 ($499)

Briefcases are gone. Well, not gone–but totally unnecessary in today’s world.
So if you want to seem like someone who knows what they’re doing, a tablet is what you need. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, a product that we’ve personally tested and reviewed. Not only can you connect to your laptop or phone seamlessly, the light weight and sleek design mean that bringing this from one meeting to the next is a breeze.
There are two sizes, and within those different levels of internal storage. We have the smaller one (8-inches vs. 9.7-inches) and can attest it’s all the size you need.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 on Amazon here

Philips Hue Lights (Starting at $80)

We’re obsessed with the Philips Hue smart light system. Obviously they’re great for small dorm rooms where less bulbs mean a bigger difference, but the truth is that smart homes are the future of living.
Chances are that your first apartment or room won’t be the greatest home, so having a set of smart bulbs that can chance color or brightness with a simple voice command (Amazon Echo + Apple Siri) can turn your small room into a “cozy” room.

Buy Philips Hue Starter Kit on Amazon here

XBOne “The Division” Bundle + More ($399)

The biggest problem with leaving your roommate is that he might be taking the video game system with him. If this is the case, don’t worry because buying an Xbox One has never been more affordable and fun.
For just $400, you score a 1TB Hard Drive Xbox One, a controller, a copy of The Division, Halo 5 limited edition, a digital download of Forza Horizons 2, and a $50 gift card from Amazon (which you can put towards another controller or an Xbox Live Gold membership). The truth is that buying one of these puppies can actually save you money in the long run, giving you something else to do other than go out every night on the weekend–which gets expensive.

Buy Xbox One “The Division” Bundle + More on Amazon here

Roomba 650 Vacuum Robot ($300)

The real world is a great place. A scary place, but a great one. So the truth is that you’re going to be so busy doing things like networking, laundry, cooking, and actual office work means that having one less chore to do will open a ton of time for you.

Buy Roomba 650 Vacuum Robot on Amazon here

12-Inch Apple Retina Macbook ($1299)

Your college career is now done, so don’t you think you should leave that laptop your parents got you for college back in the dorm where it belongs?
Say what you will about Apple’s approach to mobile devices, but there’s not much bad you’ll hear from us when it comes to their computers. Yes, Apple laptops are generally more expensive than their PC counterparts but the new 12-inch Apple Retina Macbook is now retailing for $1300–an affordable price for a dope new laptop.

Buy 12-Inch Apple Retina Macbook on Amazon here

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