This One Skill Will Make You More Attractive to Women, According to Psychologists

If you’re single and constantly striking out, you’re probably thinking one thing: WTF is wrong with me? Is it the bad breath and dog hair all over your apartment? Or the fact that you can’t pick up one single piece of dirty laundry? Or that your jokes fall flat with people who don’t know you?
The list of negatives goes on. And while you can’t change some of them — the massive size of your head will sadly always remain the same — there’s one thing you can actually work on and will make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Luckily it’s not getting frosted tips and working on an eight pack — it’s so much easier.
According to a new study from the British Psychological Society, men who are good at telling a story are found to be more attractive by women than guys who clam up. In an article published in psychological journal Personal Relationships, men who have the ability to tell a story well “are seen as more attractive and higher status.”
Makes sense, you want to be entertained! And not just on your first date — throughout your relationship. No one wants to date a square.
Researchers gathered their findings by observing almost 400 undergrads in the U.S. According to Mirror,

John Donahue and Melanie Green ran experiments with 388 undergraduates in the USA who were asked to rate the attractiveness of a potential partner of the opposite sex based upon a photograph and a short biography which, in some cases, highlighted their ability to tell a good tale.
Both male and female participants considered storytellers to have higher status than non-storytellers.
It’s bad news for women who know how to tell a story, though, as apparently thisdoesn’t make them more desirable.
As the BPS points out: “That didn’t translate into finding women more attractive, whereas for female raters, there was a clear route from men’s storytelling ability to status to desirability as a long-term partner or spouse.”

Wow, that’s f*cking rude. Whatever, the moral of the story is if you can’t tell a good story, you’re a waste of space. Those less fortunate, start improving your skills or you’re going to die alone. The truth hurts!

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