Game Of Thrones Recap: Season 6, Episode 3 Must-See Review

So, I don’t know if you heard or not, but Jon Snow is back. Melisandre, quite literally, did that thing that she heard about sometime. Yeah, I didn’t remember where she learned it either, so I went back to find out where she learned it.
All the way back in season 3, the sixth episode was called “The Climb”, which you might remember was about when Jon Snow, Ygritte, Tormund, and that pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean climbed up the f*cking wall. It was wild. Anyway, in this episode, Melisandre travels to the River Lands to pick up a Baratheon bastard from the Brotherhood Without Banners, where she runs into Thoros of Myr. Thoros of Myr, another red priest, tells Melisanre about how he has revived Beric Dondarrion six times, simply by saying the prayer of the Lord Of Light. And that’s it. That’s how Melisandre knew how to revive Jon Snow. So now that he’s back, Christ complex and all, what happened?

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 Recap for “Oathbreaker”

For all the idiots in the room, this is a RECAP so obviously SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. Now, let’s get to it:
(Editors Note: This is a college website, so this review was written as I sat in a room with my 5 other buddies. The reactions, opinions, and knowledge – or lack thereof – are both very collective, and very genuine. The quotes are live reactions- word for word.)
I was expecting another phenomenal episode this week, and that’s exactly what we got. With the return of Jon, as well as Bran’s vision back to the Tower of Joy, I knew this episode was gonna be a banger:
“Oathkeeper” opens with the awakening of Jon Snow, and he is understandably, uh, bugged out. Davos does what he does: which is be the most reasonable person on the show. He tries to explain to Jon that the how and the why of his resurrection doesn’t matter, but that all that matters is that he takes advantage of it to do the best he can. Davos stays being the boy.
Jon gets clothed and goes out to greet his army, especially Tormund, who rips Jon a new one upon seeing him.

The first thing he should do is hang Ollie.

Samwell Tarley is on his way to Oldtown with Gilly, and honestly all this scene was for was to remind you that he’s going to play into Jon Snow’s army later in the season.
Then ,the highlight of the week: Tower of Joy finally happened and it was absolutely epic.  Ned and his men roll up to the Tower of Joy, where Arthur Dayne and Kingsguard await him. Ned asks where his sister, Lyanna, is. This is when the fight breaks out. Arthur Dayne whoops some serious a**, killing all of Stark’s men except for Ned. Arthur then has Ned beat, but Howland Reed. how survived his wound, stabs Arthur in the back, and then Ned finishes him off. Ned hears screaming from inside the Tower, and goes to get his sister. Bran wants to know what’s in the Tower, so he tries to follow, and calls out to Ned, but the Raven says it’s time to go. Bran tries to follow his father, but the Raven ends the vision.
Dany Targ arrvies at Vaes Dothrak, where she is threatened by the Dothraki’s. This story line needs to pick up cause it’s been pretty damn boring.
Tyrion tries to play drinking game with Greyworm and Dany’s dime side kick, presumably to get information out of them. Varys figures out who has been murdering the Unsullied.
Jaime and Cersei storm the King’s Landing council and demand to be in on the deliberations.
High Sparrow and Tommen attempt to negotiate, and it goes no where. The memes comparing the High Sparrow to Bernie Sanders are hilarious, go find them somewhere.
Arya continues training and finally finishes pledging. She gets her vision back! I’m glad something good is happening to a Stark. And honestly, Arya getting toyed with was getting kind of old. I love the idea of Arya being the one who kills the Zombie Mountain.
Bolton recieves Rickon Stark, who is now literally on death row. I can almost guarantee he’ll die by seasons end. With Jon Snow coming back, another Stark needs to die somehow, right?

Damn, these Stark kids cannot catch a break.

Jon hangs the betrayers. He hesitates for a moment, debating what Jon Snow usually does: show mercy. Alas, as death has changed Jon Snow, he decides to go through with hanging the betrayers: including Ollie.

They’re hanging Ollie!!! I’ve never been happier.

The hanging is Jon Snow’s last act as Lord Commander, as he leaves the Knights Watch, due to the fact he fulfilled his duty. “My watch is over” he says as he leaves Castle Black. Jon Snow is on his way to becoming Jon Stark. Game of Thrones has it’s true hero.

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