Game Of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3: Date, Time, & TV Channel for "Oathbreaker"

Missing any episodes of Game Of Thrones this season is not something any fan should do. With the magnitude of this season, along with the never ending stream of spoilers, it is crucial to watch every episode live.
In episode two, “Home”, the inevitable finally happened: Jon Snow was revived. And it was absolutely epic.
With Jon Snow back, the impending invasion from the Boltons, mutiny at the Ironbound, and never ending tension in Kings Landing, every episode this season is a must see .
First, here is the preview (synopsis) for season 6, episode 3, “Oathbreaker”

‘Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) meets her future. Bran meets the past. Tommen confronts the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce). Arya (Maisie Williams) trains to be No One. Varys (Conleth Hill) finds an answer. Ramsay gets a gift.’

Couple thoughts:
– Bran meets the past means that Game Of Thrones is about to finely air one of the most important moments in GoT lore: The Tower of Joy. I won’t drop any spoilers, but if you want, just Google “Tower of Joy”, and you’ll find all the answers you need. Put it this way, it has A LOT to do with Jon Snow.
– Ramsay gets a gift is going to be another huge moment. My guess is that the gift is going to be the youngest, and long forgotten Stark, Rickon, who has been with the Umbers since we last same him. Rickon being in Ramsay’s possession has many consequences, but I suspect it will be the spark that lights the fire of the upcoming Battle of the Bastards.
So, when does Game of Thrones start, what channel is it on, and how can you watch it? Here are all the details on Season 6, Episode 3, “Oathbreaker.”


Game of Thrones “Oathbreaker” will air Sunday, May 8, 2016


Episode 3 will start at 9 PM EST. The episode will be an hour long.

Game Of Thrones Live Stream:

Here is how to watch the episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

TV Channel:

“Oathbreaker” will be on HBO. To find what channel HBO is on for you, go to TV Guide’s listings. Under TV listings, change the “Provider” to your local provider. Scroll down to see what channel HBO is on for you.

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