Meet the USC Beach Volleyball Team 2016 [PHOTOS]

We take a liking to the University of Southern California. Not only is it constantly sunny and there’s always a beach to go to when you want to skip class, but our Miss COED 2016 winner Kendall Fuhrman is a student there, so obviously it’s awesome. Another reason to love the school combines our favorite things: sun, sand, and hot girls.
Meet the USC women’s beach volleyball team. They’re hardworking athletes who aren’t afraid to get dirty. Our kind of ladies.

The USC beach volleyball team is top ranked (30-2) and will face Georgia State (25-8) in a first-round match for the first ever NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship on Friday ,May 6. Needless to say, you know who we’re rooting for. Get better acquainted with the team below.
Update: Top-ranked USC won the inugural NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship with a 3-0 win over Florida State by a 3-0 count on the sands of Gulf Place on Sunday, May 8.

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