Lasse Matberg, A Norwegian Naval Liutenant, Is Thor In Disguise

Somehow the Royal Norwegian Navy has convinced Thor to join their armed forces, because there you can’t tell me that Lasse L. Matberg is not the Norse god of thunder and lightning. Lasse (as he’s known to mortals) is a 30-year-old Lieutenant stationed in Stavanger, the fourth-most populated municipality in Norway.
In addition to poorly hiding his true identity from the world, Lasse is involved with Tough Mudder and some modeling stints. He also spends a ton of time in the gym, because a physique like his doesn’t just happen overnight.
It’s kind of a shame that naval warfare doesn’t involving the boarding and raiding of enemy ships anymore, because this guy is a Viking through and through. Just one look at this guy waiting on his deck to board your ship, and you’re throwing yourself off bridge to avoid his wrath.
Check out Lasse’s best photos in the gallery below.

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