Natalia Lima: Full Story of Ed Henry's Mistress

Natalia Lima, a female Vegas hostess and celebrity stylist, spoke to In Touch Weekly today about her relationship with Ed Henry, a (now former) Fox News White House correspondent. Normally we wouldn’t publish on two adults engaging in intercourse, but the truth is that Ed was a White House correspondent and is married to NPR’s own Shirley Hung. Speaking of which, the fact that an NPR editor and Fox News correspondent can have a marriage (even one with bumps) has to be good news for humanity right?
Anyways, back to what you care about. Natalia and Ed. “Whenever he was in town, we would pretty much just have sex. He has a really high sex drive,” Natalia told In Touch. Natalia admits the relationship was ten months long and that she was wrong for what she did. “It’s like he used me. But I should’ve know better,” said Lima.

Who Is Natalia Lima?

Natalia Lima is apparently a hostess at a Las Vegas establishment, although it’s not listed in her Instagram bio which one. What she does link to, though, is a Herbalife pyramid-scheme type website (you’re welcome for the clicks, Natalia) that promotes clean skin through the use of its products.
She also frequently posts #TBT-like photos to Instagram of famous celebrities she claims to know or has known. None of those photos are with Ed Henry.

Who Is Ed Henry?

Ed Henry is the White House correspondent for Fox News, although he’s taking some time off of work to deal with some “personal issues.”
He’s currently married to NPR Deputy Washington Editor Shirley Hung.

What Happened?

They had an affair. But you already knew that. So what you really want to know are the juicy details, like absurd amounts of emojis that two fully-grown adults shared with each other. So for that, we turn to the Daily Mail‘s coverage, which is really Pulitzer Prize material:

Prior to their relationship turning sexual Henry shared photos of himself golfing or in front of Air Force One with Lima, but an October exchange is incredibly graphic between the pair.

‘mmmmm yes bath w you,’ writes Henry.

Lima responds with three kissing face emojis and then writes; ‘Why are emojis so big?’

Lima followed that with emojis of a bathtub and a kissing couple.

Henry then responded by sending his own emojis – three unpeeled bananas and three pairs of female lips.

Lima responds with an ‘Lol’ and three female emoji lips.

Henry shoots back; ‘yummy woman,’ ‘make me so,’ and then once again sends emojis of unpeeled bananas, this time upping the number to four. 

Three days later he writes in a slew of texts to Lima; ‘so beautiful,’ ‘love that pic of you!!,’ those eyes,’ ‘are u thinking right there about us making love?,’ ’cause i am…,’ ‘i will make love to you over and over so that we can wear u out and sleep:),’ ‘now that i saw that old photo shoot of you…’

Henry then texts; ‘i cant stop think about watching [redacted] in my room …:)’

‘yes can’t wait!!!!!!!’ writes Lima. ‘We have a great chemistry. with no chemistry sex isn’t good…don’t u agree?’

Henry responds to this by texting; ‘i agree,’ when i see you pic…,’ i get [redacted].’

The conversation then drops off but the next day Henry writes; ‘i didnt mind,’ ‘tho i would like you to [redacted].’

He then sent emojis of an excited face, a couple with a heart and a hand making a slapping gesture.

Lima responds by saying; ‘Ok’ with three kissing face emojis. ‘As long as I’m not [redacted] u while your asleep’ followed by a laughing with tears emoji and a winking emoji with the tongue hanging out.

Lima then adds; ‘You’ll wake up’ with a blushing face emoji.

Henry reponds to this by texting; ‘i would nottttttt,’ ‘mind being,’ ‘[redacted] by u.’

He added emojis of three shocked monkey faces after writing that.

Lima writes back; ‘ok same for me u can wake me up for sex anytime.’

Henry responds; ‘we have that privilege to each other.’

Unpeeled bananas and red lips. This is how adults are sexting now. Take notes.

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Natalia Lima: 22 Hottest Photos of Ed Henry's Girlfriend
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