Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Top 10 Best Gifts For Your Mom This Year

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts is painful. You don’t want to buy the wrong thing, but you also don’t want to spend too much money because then she’ll scold you for spending so much money buying useless stuff.

Even though pragmatism is part of my family heritage, I’ve come to learn the best gifts for mothers are not the practical stuff. Not the rice cooker, the dishwasher or the vacuum. The best gifts are the ones that she secretly wants but can’t find practical justifications to buy.

“I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford.
Then I want to move in with them.”
-Phyllis Diller

See? Phyllis said it right there. To prevent mom from moving in with us, let’s get her something she can’t afford.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Ice Cream With Your Stamp On It

Send mom or grandma an ice cream gift set with your own personalized message, tattooed right on the tub.Heavenly flavors range from s’mores, turtle latte, vanilla with toffee crunch and chocolate hazelnut.
Mother’s Day gift set of four costs $89.99 while a set of four custom-made creations cost $99.99 at Ecreamery Ice Cream.
Free shipping is included. They promise to arrive in time if you order by Wednesday.

2. Kindle

Even for diehard old school bookworms, Kindle is awesome. It significantly lightens the load. Kindle’s slim size makes it easy to take along to any destination, and with features like its built-in dictionary, customizable text size, translator on demand, personalized reader times and instant access to wikipedia, it’s even better than a book.
$59.00 at

3. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes in a jar? These sweet cakes, pies and brownies come layered with frosting and fruit toppings in clear glass jars. There’s a flavor to please every palate from sea salted caramel to strawberry lemon. The company also offers gluten-free versions.
$19.95 for two at Wicked Good Cupcakes.

4. TOMS Canvas Slip-Ons

Even moms are pretty in pink. These easy to wear softies are sure to keep her toes comfortable and in fashion, whether she’s pairing them with jeans or summer dresses.
From $48.00 at

5. The Mindfulness Coloring Book

Did you know Justin Bieber likes adult coloring books? If JB loves it, why won’t mom? Created by illustrator Emma Farrarons, The Mindfulness Coloring Book has over 70 intricate patterns to help color your way to Zen. And it’s pocket sized — so mom will be able to slip it into her pocket for on-the-go calm.
$8.75 at

6. Tile

The Tile is the GPS tracker for little things mom tends to lose. She can attach Tile to any item, including her wallet or keys, and track their location through her smartphone. Tile usually costs $25 each, but you get a pack of four for $70 — that way, you can keep one for yourself if you feel like you inherited the forgetful gene. You can also use it to track your cat.
$25.00 at

7. Hunter Chelsea Boots

Spring flowers and spring rain. These stylish boots will keep mom’s feet dry while pulling weeds out of the garden. The Chelsea boots are made from natural rubber for a seamless waterproof design, and they come with handy little nylon pull tabs.
$94.90 at

8. Swarovski Divinity Necklace

If you are feeling extra generous this Mother’s Day, this Swarovski stunner is sure to please. These full-cut stones in clear, blue, and gray are going to make mom’s eyes sparkle like crystals.
$394.00 at

9. Love Pop Cards

Mother’s Day cards are never out of style. These 3D pop-up card featuring a bouquet of roses, mama cat and kittens are inspired by the ancient Japanese art form, kirigami.
$8.00 to a $15.00 at Lovepop Cards.

10. Hanging Terrarium

This little gem is good for moms with or without a green thumb. The whole idea of a terrarium is that it thrives in its own mini ecosystem, reusing the water that continuously evaporates and then condensates inside the glass. Even moms with the most clumsy fingers can’t mess this one up.
$37.95 at

If you can’t think of anything smart to say, we have some Mother’s Day poetry for your tub labels.

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