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In the Xbox 360/PS3 generation, the Borderlands series was the go-to for fans of open world, run-and-gun loot-a-thon shooters. Now developer Gearbox is back for an encore, with Battleborn, which feels just enough like its predecessor to bring back memories of all-night gaming sessions from a few years ago. Far from a simple rehash, Battleborn steps up its game in several key ways, revitalizing its genre for the current slate of consoles.
Game: Battleborn
Consoles: Xbox One (reviewed), PS4, PC
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Gearbox Software
Release Date: May 3
From the get-go, there is so much about Battleborn that’s customizable that it’s easy to get hung up on indecision. You can choose from among 25 heroes, all who have made a loose alliance to overthrow evil tormenters. With seemingly endless loot crates to blow up and supply drops that slain enemies leave behind, you’re continually juggling arsenal upgrades to mess with as you tune your loadouts. A full-figured offline campaign melds with co-op and competitive multiplayer that will be the game’s true lifeblood in the coming months.
Breezy and humorous, the offline campaign amounts to an extended tutorial for online throwdowns. Three multiplayer modes — Capture, Incursion and Meltdown — test your mettle in team-based shenanigans, adding clever twists on standard gameplay modes that have been staples of the shooter genre. For instance, Capture melds features of capture the flag and king of the hill for a sprawling turf war, while Incursion is something like the wave-after-wave wars of attrition Horde mode popularized by Gears of War. You’ll need to think on your feet and work well with your squadmates to succeed.

The comic book-style visuals and the snappy writing both recall the Borderlands glory days, which is both a joy and a nagging drawback. So much is reminiscent of the previous series that it’s tough not to compare the upstart with the old series, and it’s tough for the somewhat limited maps and modes to stack up to the Borderlands offerings. Frequent updates and add-ons should fill out the somewhat lacking off-the-bat offerings in the coming months. What will truly determine the series’ success is whether it can capture the excitement and sense of community that Borderlands managed to patch together over the years.

Battleborn is one of those pick-up-and-play blast-a-thons that make it all too easy to lose countless hours on. If you’re looking to blow off steam, there are worse ways to do so than hunting and executing hapless enemies with your ever-expanding arsenal of weaponry and traps. Sure, a lot of the material seems well worn and limited, but the fresh takes on multiplayer standards are more than enough to hook you and keep you coming back for more. Those longing for the next Borderlands can look no further.

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