WATCH: Kid Wakes Up From Anesthesia, Thinks He Bought a Camel in Dubai

You know what’s amazing about waking up from anesthesia? You can be anyone you want to be without any of the work. Want to believe you’re dating Lindsey Pelas and have the same amount of money as Dan Bilzerian? Done and done. Want to own a billion dollar condo in Florida have experience spring break on the daily? DONE. Want to run for president alongside Donald Trump? Done (although, you probably don’t need anesthesia for that).
It’s amazing — it’s the one time in your life virtually anything is possible. Which explains why this kid — who looks exactly like that dorky Ron Weasley kid from Harry Potter — wakes up thinking he bought a camel in Dubai. Because, if you’re going to go to Dubai, you might as well go all out and buy a f*cking camel. This kid knows what’s up.
Check it out in the video below.

May Day 2018: Memes, Funny Photos, Jokes & Images
May Day 2018: Memes, Funny Photos, Jokes & Images
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