This Website Lets You Buy Fake Cords For Graduation So Your Parents Think You Actually Accomplished Something

Graduation is approaching and you’re probably scared sh*tless. Not only because you have no legitimate plans after graduation, money to pay off those horrifying school loans and bills, or because you have to move back in with your parents for an uncertain about of time — you’re scared sh*tless because your parents will finally realize what a f*ck-up you are when they find you’re one of the few people walking across that stage without a prestigious cord wrapped around their neck.
Thankfully someone is looking out for you — Impress my Parents is a company dedicated to make you look like a worthy investment to your family come graduation. After all, that $150,000 degree better be worth something, right?
The awesome company is letting you buy all of those outstanding accomplishments you never achieved with their fake graduation cords. It’s pretty genius, actually. Here’s an explanation straight from the dude’s mouth:

Yup, we’re sold. Stock up before your family disowns you.
[H/T: Total Sorority Move]

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