Crazy Guy Sends Hate Texts After Girl Refuses to Hookup With Him Again & DUDE YOU JUST NEED TO STOP

Getting turned down sucks, especially when it’s by someone you’ve already dated or slept with. That’s a HUGE ego killer! Like, what happened in the time span of 24 hours? Have I turned into a hideous, annoying beast you can no longer stand to bear? IT’S AWFUL.
But regardless, you dry your eyes, fake apathy, and move on with your sad broken heart. Because why would you ever want that person to have something on you? Turning into a psycho is pretty much the last thing you want to do. But of course, some people can’t help themselves. Like this crazy SOB, who decided to go batsh*t crazy after getting turned down by a girl he once hooked up with.
Here’s what happened, according to the girl: “Went on one date with this guy and hooked up, no sex. He asked to go down on me and wouldn’t stop when I asked him to. When he tried to set up another date, I said his place would be better than mine since I have a roommate. He’s been pestering me for nudie pics non-stop since then!”
Now the guy’s story is nowhere to be found — we can only take what he said in these messages. Which you know, is pretty nuts.

Girl, why did you respond?! You made your decision and there’s no need to explain it. And DUDE! ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THIS RIGHT NOW?! GET THE F*CK OVER IT! You going off about how ugly she is isn’t going to help your case and now everyone just thinks you’re an a**hole. Job well done.

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