Groundbreaking Research Reveals Boning Makes For Happier Relationships

Obviously sex is great, so if you’re doing it with your partner, chances are you’re going to be pretty happy. What may be surprising, though, is you don’t need to f*ck like rabbits to be satisfied. Seriously. Having lots of sex doesn’t necessarily make for a better relationship, but it can subconsciously increase positive gut feelings towards your other half. In fact, science says you only need to do it once a week.
Yes, really.

Doctoral student Lindsey Hicks at Florida State University said, “We found the frequency with which couples have sex has no influence on whether or not they report being happy with their relationship, but their sexual frequency does influence their more spontaneous, automatic, gut level feelings about their partners.”

Think of it like this: if you have an ice cream cone, you really enjoy it. By the second or third one, however, you’re not as into it as you were the first time around. Maybe this time you’re more full or concerned about calories. Or you’re just tired – you’re like soooo tired and your jaw kind of hurts. Get it?

The study published in the Journal of Psychological Science examined 216 newlyweds by giving them survey-style questionnaires about their relationship satisfaction and rating various qualities of their marriage. The researchers also had them complete a computer test. In this test, a photo of their partners flashed on the screen for a third of a second before a word appeared and they had to press a key to indicate whether it was positive or negative.

Hicks said, “…Some people feel unhappy with their partner but they do not readily admit it to us, or perhaps even themselves.” That’s some deep stuff. Maybe stop to think about this for a second before your next boning session. You may just thank me.

Via Daily Mail

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