Washington University Shooting: Full Story & Updates

A shooting at Washington University in St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon left one victim hospitalized. As the suspect has yet to be caught, the story is still updating but we’ve pulled the important updates for you here.

What Happened?

Update–4/21/2016: According to the victim of the shooting, an employee of Cafe Bon Appetit at Washington University School of Medicine, she believes the shooting was an act of road rage. The victim was shot in the forearm. The shooter, a male, pulled a U-Turn and then continued onto Skinker Blvd.
At around 1:30 PM, Wash University sent an emergency message and tweet informing students that an armed suspect had been spotted on campus and that they should shelter in place.

Shortly thereafter, Washington University alerted the campus that someone had been shot. The suspect was then seen fleeing in a black SUV.
The Clayton Police Department arrived at the scene, secured it, and began investigating the crime. Only after Clayton PD had secured the scene did Wash U issue an “all clear.

Where Was The Shooting?

The shooting occured on Washington University’s Danforth Campus, near Mallinckrodt Center on Forsyth Street. You can see a map of the surrounding area above.

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