Vanessa Bryant: Hottest Photos Of Kobe Bryant's Wife

Vanessa Bryant, wife of Kobe Bryant, is one of the hottest WAGs in professional basketball. The former music video dancer met Kobe Bryant at the filming of Tha Eastsidaz music video “G’d Up” and things went on from there. You can watch the music video below–she’s the high school girl (yikes) dancing in the car at around 0:30 seconds in.
Like we said, Vanessa (real name Vanessa Cornejo Ubrieta) and Kobe met when she was in high school and there was an instant attraction. Although she was still a high school senior at the time, her music video career was so successful that she had to finish her degree at home because she kept missing class. She married Kobe at the age of 19.
Obviously there have been some ups and downs in their relationship. In addition to the fact that Kobe is well-regarded as the most competitive and fierce ruthless athlete in professional sports, there was also that whole rape case he fought in Colorado. Although Kobe eventually settled that case, he had to publicly admit that he had cheated on his wife Vanessa.

That being said, he’s not the first and he won’t be the last professional athlete to cheat on his spouse…even if she already is super hot.

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