Drake's Secret Snapchat Account Has Everyone Trying To Solve Mystery

In some unsurprising news today, we learned that Drake has a Snapchat account. But to his credit, the Canadian rapper (aka October’s Very Own) has kept the Snapchat username a secret. However, it doesn’t look like that secret’s going to stay safe for very long. A lot more people have been talking about the OVO Boss’s social media account lately.
We talked about this before in our NBA Player Snapchat rundown, but the likelihood is that Snapchat is so popular that most celebrities probably have accounts. The thing is that the celebrities want to keep their accounts secret, that way they can write and post funny stuff to their other celebrity friends
Even the mayor of Snapchat himself, DJ Khaled, has spoken about Drake‘s own Snapchat account.


Update 6/21/2016: Probably the biggest Drake Snapchat video in recent history came from rapper French Montana, who thanked Drake for paying up $60K. Apparently Drake bet on the Warriors to win the NBA Finals with French Montana.


Drake Snapchat Username

As of yet, Drake hasn’t made his Snapchat account public. But there are a couple of normal folk who’ve gotten hold of his account. Of course these are the same people who immediately screenshot his videos and published them to Twitter and Instagram for us poor people to watch and enjoy. It’s no stretch to say that people have offered thousands of dollars for Drake’s Snapchat Account name.
One major Twitter user @ItsBizkit posted this screenshot of people offering him cash.

Drake’s Best Snapchat Videos

Since we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t actually know Drake’s Snapchat account username, all we can do is show you the videos that have hit Twitter. Like this one, reportedly of Drizzy mimicking his Memphis cousin (likely not a real cousin, but a “cousin”) leaving a voice mail for the rapper.
Or this one of Drake whispering sweet nothings to Sriracha:

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