Tinder Date Demands Girl Pay Him Back For Dinner After She Doesn't Put Out on Their First Date

Tinder is so hit or miss. Sometimes you make it out of there lucky — you swipe right on a gorgeous girl who actually turns out to be a gorgeous girl in real life. She isn’t trying to scam you for pizza, you two have good conversation, go on a few dates, eventually (fingers crossed) get laid, and literally date. Unfortuantely in the world of online dating, this is what we call a unicorn. More times than not, you’re being catfished by some weird guy with a lot of time on his hands. Or you can be like Arielle Musa, who wasn’t catfished at all, but instead went on a Tinder date with the worst person in New Jersey. And that’s saying a lot.
Musa met Endri on Tinder, some dude she thought seemed relatively normal until she talked to him for more than five minutes in person. During their bar date near Rutgers University, Endri got weird.
“I felt creeped out by him and his personality and the way he looked at me,” explained Arielle in a recent interview with Metro. That’s reason enough to not want to hook up with someone, right? Apparently to Endri, that’s not the case. Dude went off the handle when she told him she wasn’t interested in seeing him again.
A normal response would be “nice meeting you!” and walk away quietly. Unfortunately not everyone is that courteous. AKA your boy Endri.
Ok Endri so, what was your end game here? Explain it to us. After berating her for several minutes, did you think Arielle was going to change her mind? Realize she was totally wrong about you being a f*cking weirdo and jump straight into your bed? And several times after that? Because if you did, you are mentally deranged and need to meet more women.
Good luck with that Endri! If it’s hard for you to get laid now, imagine what’s going to happen after this goes viral!

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