David Brackett: Full Story of Man Thrown Off Jet Blue Plane

David Brackett is the man who was recently filmed causing a disturbance on a Jet Blue flight from Long Beach to Sacramento this past Monday. The video was recorded by passenger Sara Bear, who then shared the video with Sassy Stew Rants, a Facebook page specializing in strange airplane events.
You can watch the video in its entirety in the link below, but the gist of everything is that it’s an eleven-minute long clip of David, one female passenger, and two other male passengers all arguing and threatening everyone.

David Brackett Jet Blue Video

The video you can watch in the link above is the event that started the whole thing. I think it should be mentioned that David (the guy in the jump suit) is not the only awful person on the plane, those two bald knuckleheads were also deservedly thrown off the plane.

Who Is David Brackett?

David Brackett is not a loser. David Bracket is a 27 (or 28)-year-old man who has it all. A 176 IQ. 20/20 vision. A $4 million salary. Six houses. SIX HOUSES.
David Brackett is also the person who identified himself on camera as he was being thrown off a Jet Blue flight, which wasn’t the best idea for someone who has a 176 IQ. It’s somewhat strange that his 20/20 vision didn’t see this PR nightmare coming from a mile away.

David Brackett’s Apology

After he was escorted off the plane by Air Marshals, taken to the Long Beach Police Department, and subsequently released, David issued a formal apology for his actions.
“I’m standing up for my mistakes. I’m not blaming anybody but myself for the actions that I did. The PTSD thing that I do have, it’s the first time where I’ve had to do something that I regret.” PTSD? Yes, PTSD. But not from fighting abroad or anything like that. Check out where he got PTSD from.

He blames his outburst on post-traumatic stress disorder, which he says developed after a motorcycle crash that broke almost every bone in his body.
He says the incident unfolded when the other passenger told him the flight attendant was of Middle Eastern descent and likely had a bomb.
“I lost it. I heard ‘bomb’ in my head and did what I did,” said Brackett, who said he tried to get off the plane before he overreacted, but the other passenger stole his cellphone. He says he recorded audio of it. [source]

WATCH: Supreme A-Hole Thrown Off Jet Blue Flight On Video
WATCH: Supreme A-Hole Thrown Off Jet Blue Flight On Video
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