NCAA Commercial: It's Really Cool That College Athletes Don't Get Paid [VIDEO]

The NCAA is really sick of all this talk of paying college athletes — and they have an exciting new commercial that explains why the college students are really much happier not seeing a dime of all the money they generate for universities (without, of course, risking huge NCAA fines).
Tennis champion Billie Jean King is brought in to explain the simple truth as she cruises around and watches amateur athletics. Billie is billed as an “Equal rights champion,” which means she wants everyone equally screwed.
“This is why we love sports,” Billie Jean says while driving around like Matthew McConaughey. “It’s in the way they play — free from the pressures and all the money talk. Playing for simply the love of the game, where everyone has a shot at their definition of success on and off the field.”
We don’t know how much Billie Jean was paid to say that. It doesn’t matter, anyway. As we’re reminded by the equal rights champion at the end of the spot: “This is what we love about sports — and what we can still love about college sports!” Yeah. That’s always what we’re thinking about watching a college game. It’s really cool these guys aren’t getting paid…

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