UNC Tar Heels Cheerleaders: Hottest Instagram Photos

Before March Madness started, the UNC Tarheel cheerleaders knew in their heart of hearts that they’d be at the Final Four cheering on their team. That belief became even more real when the Tarheels earned the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. In fact, there more than a couple of Tarheels cheerleaders who started looking at restaurants and hotels in Houston.
That’s purely speculation, of course.
It’s not like we spoken to any of them (they’re being watched pretty closely by UNC officials at this point), but they’re UNC Tarheel cheerleaders for God’s sakes. Basketball is what their school does. This is their season.
Of course, there’s always the small fact that UNC first has to face against the best player in college hoops, Buddy Fields. But when you’re a deep team (oh, you talkin’ teams?) that happens to the best run and gun squad in the nation, you’ve got a d*mn good shot at winning.
I mean, take a look at these UNC Tarheels cheerleaders and tell me they don’t look like winners.

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