11-Year-Old Kid Gets $11 Million Deal With Whole Foods, What Are You Doing With Your Life?

You’re going to be insanely jealous of this 11-year-old girl. She is absolutely brilliant, talented, and doing more with her life than you are. How’s that make you feel, son?
Mikaila Ulmer is now an 11-year-old millionaire after Whole Foods decided to pick up her Bee Sweet lemonade brand for $11 million.
Yes — $11 million. The high-end grocery store will carry her brand in 55 stores, and could wind up taking it national if sales go well. Which it definitely will, considering she was first featured on Shark Tank, where the sharks invested $60,000 in her product.
Ulmer’s recipe comes from her great grandmother, and incorporates everything hipster buyers live for: an awesome hand-me-down recipe of flaxseed, mint, honey, and good old fashioned lemonade. To make things even better, she’s a f*cking philanthropist — a portion of profits will go to help save bees.
Ok yeah, we need to start doing more with our lives. But first, a drink to drown our misery — we will never have $11 million or be found in a Whole Foods.

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